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Dating App Fights Romance Scams

Bumble's Deception Detector, Roblox's translator, and more...

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  • Bumble Fights Against Romance Scams
  • Roblox Keeps Adding AI Features
  • 5 Trending AI-Powered Tools
  • Rejected Scooby-Doo Unmaskings


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Chip Demand Forces Huawei To Slow Smartphone Production
Soaring appetite for Huawei’s AI chips coupled with manufacturing constraints has forced the Chinese tech giant to prioritize AI and slow production for its premium Mate 60 phones…

Starship Technologies Raises $90M
Sidewalk delivery robot services appear to be stalling left and right, but a pioneer in the concept says it is profitable and has now raised a round of funding to scale up to meet market demand…

Experience Human-Like Engagement (partner)
Transform customer support interactions into unique cnversations with no coding needed…


Bumble’s New AI Tool Identifies & Blocks

Bumble, a leading online dating platform, has launched an AI-powered “Deception Detector” to enhance user safety by proactively identifying and blocking spam, scams, and fake profiles.

In tests, this tool successfully blocked 95% of identified malicious accounts, leading to a 45% reduction in user reports of such content within two months.

The Deception Detector works in conjunction with Bumble’s human moderation team, reflecting the company’s commitment to leveraging technology alongside human insight to safeguard its community.

This development responds to internal research indicating that the fear of fake profiles and scams is a major concern among users, particularly women, with 46% expressing anxiety over the authenticity of online matches.

Bumble CEO Lidiane Jones highlighted the launch as part of Bumble’s ongoing efforts to ensure genuine connections and build trust in the digital dating era.

Bumble’s proactive initiative is timely, considering the Federal Trade Commission reported romance scams cost victims $1.3 billion in 2022.

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Roblox’s Real-Time Chat Translator

Roblox just released a real-time chat translator that supports 16 languages and levels the language barrier.

Have you ever played an online game with someone across the world and were frustrated because you couldn’t understand what the fudge they were saying?

Well, Roblox just opened the door to seamless communication with their brand-new AI chat translator. This innovative tool instantly translates text messages in-game, allowing players from all over the world to chat, collaborate, and forge friendships without language ever being a hurdle.

So how did they pull this off?

Well, Roblox didn’t rely on readily available translation solutions. Instead, they opted to build their own custom AI model. This LLM was trained on a massive dataset of text and code, including publicly available data and Roblox-specific information.

To ensure efficiency and handle multiple languages simultaneously, they employed a clever MoE architecture. Essentially, this involved training several smaller translation experts, each specializing in a specific language, within the larger LLM framework. This allowed them to translate across 16 languages without needing 16 separate models, saving resources and ensuring smooth performance.

And the results speak for themselves: players can chat in real-time, seamlessly understanding each other, regardless of their native language, which is cool.

One of the joys of online gaming is meeting new people and realizing you have more in common than you thought.

Happy gaming!

5 Trending AI-Powered Tool

BlogToPod: Turn your blogposts into AI.

Klipme: Use AI to analyze your long videos and clip the best moments.

Levi V2: Build stunning AI-powered websites in seconds.

Coefficient: Automatically transfer data between Google Sheets & Excel.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.


Rejected Scooby-Doo Unmaskings


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Dating App Fights Romance Scams