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Coursera Unveils AI Personal Learning Assistant

Turning gigs into cash and enhancing your ability to learn...

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you’re ready for another side hustle idea [and a little bit of AI news] because that’s exactly what I’ve got for you.

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Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Work When & Where You Want: The Other Side Of Fiverr
  • Coursera Unveils ‘Coach’: The Oldschool Education Revolution
  • Hiring Autonomous AI Agents: They Do All The Hard Stuff
  • Freelancing Support Assistant: Streamline Your Gigs

AI-Powered Side Hustles: Day Five 💰

The digital age has revolutionized the way we work, giving birth to platforms like Fiverr that democratize the gig economy.

Clients globally are constantly on the hunt for skilled professionals, making this a golden time for freelancers.

I wasn’t on Fiverr for long, but I definitely wouldn’t say it was wasted time. In three months, I was able to generate nearly $2,000 with small tasks like creating marketing visuals and setting up social profiles.

And of those three months, I really only worked in the last 30 days. The first two months were spent waiting for my gigs to rank in the search results as I built up a couple of good reviews.

#5: Freelancing On Fiverr

Offering your services on Fiverr is easy and straightforward. They offer a vast range of categories, from logo designs to copywriting, app development to voiceovers.

How do you tap into this goldmine?

Your success hinges on the overall visibility of your gigs. The most successful freelancers on the platform showcase high-quality portfolios and have a plethora of good reviews.

If you want to fast track your success on Fiverr, you need to:

  • Identify a high-demand service.
  • Craft a compelling gig description and portfolio.
  • Set competitive, yet profitable pricing.
  • Promote your gigs externally (via social media, blogs, or even paid ads).

Solely relying on Fiverr to sell your gigs will lead to a lot of time spent waiting around – future sales are heavily influenced by past reviews, so securing 5-star feedback is critical.

What are the pros?

  • Flexibility: Work on projects that align with your passion and expertise.
  • Global Reach: Offer your services to clients worldwide.
  • Recurring Income: Build long-term relationships with clients for steady work.
  • Simple Concept Creation: AI is able to write and visualize ideas at faster-than-human speeds.

What are the cons?

  • Competition: With numerous sellers in each category, standing out can be challenging.
  • Service Fees: Fiverr takes a 20% commission from each sale you make.
  • Client Management: Navigating client expectations and ensuring satisfaction is crucial.


Coursera Unveils Generative AI Personal Learning Assistant “Coach” 🖊️

Image source: Coursera

Coursera’s been helping nerds and wannabe nerds learn from the comfort of their own home for over a decade, and when COVID hit, they channeled their nerdy prowess into an AI tool called CourseMatch [2020].

However, things have changed quite a bit in three years, and even more in the last year of AI.

Coursera, staying ahead of the curve, introduced the world to “Coach” at their 11th annual meet-up:

Mr. Bigwig from Coursera’s Asia Pacific corner, Raghav Gupta, was buzzing like he’d downed three espressos. Chatting about AI’s mighty hand in learning, he painted a world where robots could potentially give us lessons on… macramé? Why not?

So, if AI lesson plans are on your bucket list, Coursera’s got a buffet waiting with over 770 AI-focused courses. Dive in, and who knows, you might just become the next AI rockstar, minus the leather pants. 🍌🕺🏻🤖

Together With KalendarAI:

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Make Life Simple With AI

The following prompt will generate responses to client questions and concerns, so you can spend more time delivering rather than talking.

As stated earlier, five-star feedback is crucial if you want to rise through the ranks on Fiverr.

This requires a decent amount of communication with your clients to ensure the process goes smoothly, they’re kept in the loop, and you don’t come off as cold or unprofessional.

And all that time you spend chatting it up with those clients could be better spent finishing up your projects, so you can kick back and relax with money in your pocket.

This is where a good customer service prompt may come in handy. 👇

Start your professional reply by clicking the prompt above, specifying your product/service, describing your customer’s question/problem, and paste any/all relevant interactions you’ve had.

Then, ChatGPT will respond with a tailored output for you to deliver to your client.

Now, you can get back to work instead of thinking about what to say.

Try it out now: Freelancer Customer Service


Today’s Fast Snacks 🥡

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Coursera Unveils AI Personal Learning Assistant