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China’s Crackdown Campaign On AI

How China is handling misleading content, Mercedes is hiring robots, and Apple is being sued...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • China’s Crackdown Campaign On AI-Content
  • Mercedes Is Hiring The Robots
  • Starbucks Rugpulls Their NFT Project
  • Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit


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What If ChatGPT Was Given A Body
Figure’s humanoid robot flawlessly understands requests and assists with tasks like handing over food and cleaning…

Perplexity Ready To Take On Google
The CEO of Perplexity says their startup cares about factfulness and accuracy while Google has “cultural things” that influence their product…

Convert Text Into Human-Like Voices (partner)
You can bring your apps to life with Aura — Deepgram’s first text-to-speech API for conversational AI…


China To Crackdown On AI-Generated Content

China’s internet watchdog, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), is escalating efforts to regulate AI-generated content deemed misleading or harmful.

This crackdown targets the removal of accounts spreading rumors, disinformation, or engaging in scams through computer-generated technologies.

The campaign aims to combat the spread of deepfake videos, false information, and unauthorized content, aligning with China’s stringent online content regulations and censorship practices.


Mercedes Trialing Humanoid Robots

Mercedes-Benz is trialing Apptronik’s humanoid robot, Apollo, to automate low skill and repetitive tasks in manufacturing – part of a commercial agreement aimed at enhancing efficiency and addressing labor shortages, without redesigning existing facilities.

Apollo is designed to assist with tasks like inspecting and delivering components [up to 55 pounds] to human workers on the production line.

The trial is happening at a Mercedes factory in Hungary, a location chosen in part due to the region’s labor supply challenges.

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Starbucks Giving Up On Its NFT Project

Two years ago, Starbucks announced a web3 NFT project that was supposed to expand its Rewards loyalty program by using the blockchain… somehow.

One year ago, Starbucks delivered the first paid Odyssey NFTs, selling 2,000 in twenty minutes during the same week Facebook and Instagram quit NFTs.

Now, Starbucks says the Odyssey Beta will shut down on March 31st, and I’m wondering which big brand’s NFT project will last through March 2025.


Apple Facing AirTags Class-Action Lawsuit

Judge Vince Chhabria of California’s Northern District found that three plaintiffs had sufficiently claimed “negligence and product liability” in the suit, which alleges that AirTags “help stalkers track their victims.”

“Apple may ultimately be right that California law did not require it to do more to diminish the ability of stalkers to use AirTags effectively, but that determination cannot be made at this early stage,”

Judge Chhabria


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Deepgram: Play around with human-like voice AI or transcribe sample audio files.


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China's Crackdown Campaign On AI