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ChatGPT Half Off For Users Who Can Wait 🍭

50% off ChatGPT API, Disney bringing back cable TV, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • ChatGPT At 50% Price For 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Disney Wants To Bring Back Cable Television
  • YouTube Had Enough Of Third-Party Ad Blockers
  • Dropbox CEO Tells People To Stop Living In The Past


Fast Snacks 🥡

Keanu Reeves Voicing Shadow In Upcoming Sonic Movie
The third Sonic movie already seemed like it was going to kick all kinds of ass by bringing Shadow the Hedgehog into the picture, but Paramount’s just upped the ante by adding one Keanu Reeves to its cast…

UK Mulling Potential AI Regulations

Officials at the UK’s Department of Science, Innovation and Technology have started drafting legislation to regulate AI models…

OpenAI Will Give 50% Off For Your Patience

OpenAI’s Batch API now lets users upload a file of bulk queries to the AI model, like categorizing data or tagging images, with the understanding that they won’t need immediate attention.

Are you willing to wait a day to cut your GPT spending in half?

Disney Revisiting Long-Lost Cable Television

Disney Plus is reportedly planning to introduce always-on channels that could feature dedicated content from popular franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel, and function similarly free ad-supported streaming services (FAST) like Pluto or Tubi.

They will offer a continuous stream of content that could include Disney’s classic animations and Pixar movies.

Despite requiring a Disney Plus subscription, these channels are expected to contain advertisements, mirroring traditional TV broadcasting models.

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Snack Quiz: Choose The Real Image 🔍

Can you tell which image is real?

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YouTube’s Crackdown On Ad Blockers

In a recent update, YouTube announced that users accessing YouTube through third-party ad-blocking apps might experience buffering issues or receive an error message indicating the content is unavailable through the app.

YouTube’s trying to “encourage” ad viewing or subscription to its Premium service, which offers an ad-free experience.

The new policy aims to ensure content creators are compensated for their viewership, aligning with YouTube’s terms of service that restrict third-party apps from disabling ads.


Dropbox CEO Tells You To Embrace Remote Work


Dropbox CEO Drew Houston advocates for embracing AI and remote work — urging leaders not to revert to pre-2020 business models.

Plane and simple: There’s no reason to force everyone back into the office when AI can do their work in a fraction of the time.

Let employees clock in from the comfort of their home office, and get the job done in the time it takes to commute to work.


Who Wore Their Jordan’s The Best


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ChatGPT Half Off For Users Who Can Wait