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ChatGPT Accepts Google Drive & OneDrive Docs 🍭

Google Sheets' one-click tables, OpenAI's badmouth clause, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Google Sheets’ New One-Click Tables
  • ChatGPT Accepts Google Drive Docs
  • Sam Altman Confirms Equity Dilema
  • Delta Changes Logo After Legal Threat


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YouTube Music Improves Their iOS Layout
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Google Sheets’ New One-Click Tables

Google Sheets just got a major update: one-click tables. This new feature allows you to quickly format blocks of data into tables with filters and sorting rules, similar to Excel.

This update includes:

  • Automatic filters for each column, visual row separators, and formatted column types. You can try it by selecting your data block and clicking Format > Convert to table.
  • A new “Create group by view” option for grouping data by filters, and table templates for tasks like project management and event planning.

Rollout is gradual—some users will see it by May 30th, and everyone else by June 6th.


ChatGPT Accepts Docs From Google Drive & OneDrive

If you liked the previous story, you’ll love to know that ChatGPT users can now upload files directly from Google Drive and OneDrive, eliminating the need to download and re-upload files for data analysis.

Once granted access, ChatGPT can quickly read through Excel, Word, PowerPoint files, and their Google equivalents. Users can interact with and customize the charts, changing colors or asking additional questions.

This feature will be available to paying users, including ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, and Teams, over the next few weeks.

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OpenAI CEO Addresses Employee NDAs

Sam Altman responded to reports about the company’s strict non-disclosure agreements [NDAs] for departing employees since it seems many workers are jumping ship.

Vox revealed that OpenAI’s exit terms include revoking vested equity if employees disparage the company or acknowledge the terms, and Altman confirmed they were real [but never should’ve been implemented].

He expressed his embarrassment and assured that OpenAI had never revoked equity before and wouldn’t do so in the future. However, it seems like a load of bologna if you ask me…


Delta Emulator Changes Logo After Legal Threat

The Delta Emulator is changing its logo after Adobe claimed it was too similar to its own. Adobe’s lawyers reached out on May 7th and suggested Delta change its logo to a stylized “D” to avoid confusing consumers or violating Adobe’s rights.

By May 8th, Apple had also contacted Delta, hinting the app might be at risk due to Adobe’s concerns.

Delta’s creator, Riley Testut, explained to both companies that their logo was a stylized Greek letter delta, not an “A,” but agreed to update it to avoid any confusion.

The current App Store icon is temporary, with a final new logo coming in Delta 1.6.

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ChatGPT Accepts Google Drive & OneDrive Docs