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Caution: Extremely Hot News

Is Claude Pro worth it? Where is the money going in AI? And a prompt to help you pick your next flick...

It’s Thursday!

Today, we’re talking about the advantages of Claude Pro, the hottest start-ups [with tons of cashola], and a prompt to pick your next cinematic thrill…

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Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Elon Musk’s Scary Prediction About AI
  • AI Is Crashing the Party At Your Fav Hotels
  • Finding The Perfect Movie Thanks

Is Claude Pro Worth The Money? 💸

Claude Pro elevates the Claude AI experience with an arsenal of enhanced features over its free counterpart, but is it worth the $20/mo?

It’s time to find out…

Anthropic introduced Claude Pro one week ago, and while it uses the same Claude 2 model that free users can access, it also expands usage limitations by 5x.

Plus, you get access to:

  • New Features Earlier
  • 100,000-Token Context Window [24x ChatGPT’s]
  • Unlimited Messages

Is it really worth the monthly $20 fee?

It’s a yes from us [if it fits in your budget/workflow].

Claude may be touted as the next best chatbot to ChatGPT, but many consider it better because of its’ ability to complete complex tasks due to extended conversation capabilities.

Together With Narrative BI:

Narrative BI: Your Data Storyteller 📊

Imagine a world where your marketing and advertising data tell you a story — a story that plots your growth path. That’s what Narative BI does.

With effortless GA4, Facebook, and Google Ads integrations, Narrative BI translates confusing data metrics into actionable natural language insights.

Why Narrative BI?

  • Two-Click Connections: Get your first insights in 2 minutes after signing up.
  • AI-Powered Narratives: Get your data insights presented in a readable, relatable manner.
  • Spot Winners & Fixers: Instantly identify your star campaigns and zero in on areas crying out for optimization.

Join thousands of successful growth teams leveraging Narrative BI!

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What Are The Hottest AI Start-Ups In The World? 🔥

There’s a lot of money flying around the AI realm [gib some to us too plz], but where are these millions going?

We’ve rounded up the hottest & highest funded AI start-ups, their focus, and their total valuations:

1. Highspot / $644M
Focus: AI-based sales enablement platform using

machine learning.
Founded: 2012.
Valuation: Over $3.5 billion.

2. AlphaSense / $620M
Focus: AI-powered search engine for business and financial data analysis.
Founded: 2011.
Valuation: $2.5 billion.

3. Builder / $450M
Focus: No-code AI-powered app development platform.
Founded: 2016.
Valuation: Unknown.

4. Cohere / $445M
Focus: AI tools for developers and businesses for content creation.
Founded: 2019.
Valuation: $2.1 billion.

5. Eightfold / $396M
Focus: AI-driven HR solutions for sourcing and retaining industry talent.
Founded: 2016.
Valuation: $2.1 billion.

6. Moveworks / $315M
Focus: Generative AI platform for enhancing employee productivity through information exposure and automation.
Founded: 2016.
Valuation: Close to $2.1 billion.

7. Runway / $236M
Focus: Generative AI tools for multimedia content creators.
Founded: 2018.
Valuation: Close to $1.5 billion.

8. Character / $193M
Focus: AI platform for building and animating 3D characters.
Founded: 2021.
Valuation: $1 billion.

9. Labelbox / $188M
Focus: Configurable data engine for high-quality training data and aiding AI teams.
Founded: 2018.
Valuation: Just under $1 billion.

10. Synthesia / $156.6M
Focus: AI-powered platform for personalized video content production with human-like avatars.
Founded: 2017.
Valuation: $1 billion.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will generate the best movie ideas for your date night or weekend theater sesh.

Picture this:

  • Popcorn ✅
  • Cozy Blanket ✅
  • Remote In Hand ✅

What happens next?

You start scrolling, and before you know it… an hour has passed and you have yet to find a decent movie.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But we also have a solution…

Introducing the ‘The Greatest Movie Picker’ prompt:

All you have to do is click on the prompt above, drop in your preferences – whether it’s comedy, action, or whatever…

And watch how ChatGPT gives you a recommendation that’s tailor-made for your movie mood!

Try it out now: The Greatest Movie Picker Of All Time


Today’s Fast Snacks 🥡

Apple’s iPhone 15 launch focused heavily on AI

Apple spent a lot of time talking at its iPhone 15 launch event about the features of its products that use AI.

AI Detects Eye Disease & Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers have developed a model trained similarly to ChatGPT that can be adapted to evaluate multiple health conditions from retinal scans.

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Caution: Extremely Hot News