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Apple spending heavily on 'Ajax' and AI artists lose in court...

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AI artists take another blow from the US copyright office, Apple is spending millions to beat ChatGPT, and a meal plan prompt that can change your life.

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Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Is AI Covered By Copyright?: Third Case Closed
  • Apple Is Spending Millions Every Day: Building AI ‘Ajax’
  • Instant Meal Plan List: Generate Yours Instantly

US Copyright Office Denies Another AI Image Case ⚖️

Image source: Reuters

The Bite: The U.S. Copyright Office has once more declined copyright protection for artwork produced using artificial intelligence, rejecting artist Jason M. Allen’s application for a piece he made with the AI system Midjourney.

Key Points:

  • AI Art Denied Copyright: Jason M. Allen’s science-fiction themed artwork, “Theatre D’opera Spatial,” was denied copyright protection because it wasn’t the result of human creation.
  • Past Decisions: Previously, the Copyright Office had rescinded copyrights for artworks by Kris Kashtanova made using Midjourney and also declined a copyright for an image claimed to be autonomously created by an AI system belonging to Stephen Thaler.
  • Allen’s Response: Allen expressed that while the decision was anticipated, he remains confident of an eventual win.

Why It Matters: This decision underscores the ongoing debate and challenges concerning the intersection of artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights, highlighting the need to address the evolving nature of creation in the digital age.

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Apple Spending Millions Of Dollar Each Day 💰

Image source: Analytics Insight

The Bite: Despite Apple AI chief John Giannandrea’s reservations about AI chatbots, Apple has been investing in conversational AI, with a team known as “Foundational Models” and an internal chatbot named “Ajax.” Additionally, Apple is looking to expand Siri’s capabilities and work on multimodal AI.

Key Points:

  • Rumors from Bloomberg: Mark Gurman from Bloomberg previously hinted at Apple’s experimentation with large language models and mentioned an internal chatbot “Ajax.”
  • Investment in Training: Apple’s conversational AI team consists of 16 members, but they are investing heavily in training their language models, sometimes spending millions daily.
  • Other AI Initiatives: Apple is also investing in software for generating videos and images, and multimodal AI encompassing images, video, and text. Apple’s Ajax chatbot reportedly surpasses ChatGPT 3.5’s capabilities but falls short of OpenAI’s latest models.

Why It Matters: Apple’s strides in AI indicate a commitment to elevating its ecosystem’s capabilities and enhancing user experiences, reflecting the broader tech industry’s shift towards more advanced AI functionalities.

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