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Bring Your Dead Grandparents Back To Life

How scam calls are evolving and dead relatives are being replicated...

Reader Beware!

Criminals are leveling up their scamming capabilities and AI gurus are bringing their dead relatives back from the dead.

Things are getting weird…

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Scammers Using AI To Replicate Voice: Fake Phone Calls To Extort Money
  • Bring Your Dead Grandparents Back To Life: AI Figure Replicates His Dad
  • Learn Anything With One Simple Prompt: Master Any & Every Subject


The Era Of AI Scams Is Already Here 🚓

Image source: The Guardian

Jennifer DiStefano received a fake ransom call with a convincing AI-replicated voice of her daughter, illustrating a new method scammers are using to extort money.

Key Points:

  • She received a distressing call mimicking her daughter Bree’s voice screaming, crying, and pleading for help.
  • A man claimed to have kidnapped Bree and demanded a ransom, while in reality, Bree was safe and had not been kidnapped.
  • Scammers used advanced AI to replicate Bree’s voice convincingly.

Why It Matters: The use of AI to replicate voices introduces a heightened risk in scams, making it crucial for individuals to be more vigilant and aware of such emerging threats.


How AI Could Reincarnate Your Dead Grandparents 👴

Image source: Rolling Stone

Kurzweil, a visionary in AI, has developed an AI replicant of his late father using Google’s language-model project, Talk to Books.

Key Points:

  • Kurzweil’s 2005 book, “The Singularity Is Near,” made him a central figure in discussions on the future of AI and human-machine integration.
  • In 2012, Google hired Kurzweil for its AI research, where he developed the project “Talk to Books”.
  • Using this AI, Kurzweil created a “Dad Bot” replicant by feeding it with writings from his late father, allowing him to “converse” with a digital representation of him.

Why It Matters: Kurzweil’s vision offers a glimpse into a future where humans and AI intertwine more deeply, posing profound ethical, emotional, and technological implications for society.

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Bring Your Dead Grandparents Back To Life