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Boston Dynamics Retires Atlas Robot 🍭

Humane Pin gets dragged, Adobe Premiere's AI suite, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Drake’s New Diss Track May Be Fake
  • Adobe Premiere Pro With Generative AI
  • Humane Pin “Worst Product Ever Reviewed”
  • Boston Dynamics Retiring Their Atlas Robot


Fast Snacks 🥡

Microsoft Drops $1.5B on G42
The investment into this Abu Dhabi-based company brings Microsoft’s AI services and chips to the United Arab Emirates, and in return, G42 will agree to remove Chinese technology from its operations…

Boring Phone A Lesson In Nostalgic Branding
The Boring Phone, a limited-edition, nostalgic flip phone devoid of apps and Internet but featuring Snake, is HMD and Heineken’s latest marketing venture, available exclusively through giveaways…


Drake Responds To ‘Push Ups’ With Deepfake

Over the weekend, a track titled “Push Ups” purportedly by Drake surfaced online. The diss track, which takes aim at Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, includes the provocative line directed at Metro Boomin, “shut your ho ass up and make some drums.”

Although it stylistically resembles Drake’s work, subtle glitches in the vocals leave many speculating it was made with AI.

Drake himself has not confirmed his involvement but has playfully referenced the track in his Instagram stories, including a post featuring a deepfake video of Metro Boomin.


Adobe Premiere Pro Is Getting An AI Suite

Adobe is enhancing Premiere Pro with generative AI video tools as part of its Firefly suite — promising capabilities such as extending video shots and adding or removing objects with text prompts.

It’s also expected to integrate with third-party AI models from companies like Runway, Pika Labs, and potentially OpenAI’s Sora.

Adobe’s demonstration above showed potential but also revealed limitations, like smearing effects when objects are removed.

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Humane AI Pin “The Worst Product Ever Reviewed”

MKBHD, one of the most well-known tech reviewer on YouTube, gave the Humane AI Pin a scathing review, calling it the worst product he’s ever encountered.

He found the $700 device to be buggy and unreliable in its core functions, like making calls and voice assistant tasks.

He criticized the lack of a screen, which makes it difficult to interact with, and argued that for that price point, a smartphone does everything the Pin does, but much better.


Boston Dynamics Says Goodbye To Atlas Robot

Boston Dynamics has announced the retirement of Atlas, their iconic humanoid robot known for its dynamic dance moves and backflips.

It was introduced in 2013 for a Department of Defense contest, and over the years, the robot evolved, showcasing skills from jumping to handling objects, all while standing six feet two inches tall and weighing 330 pounds.

Unlike its commercially available counterparts like the quadruped Spot or the warehouse-working Stretch, Atlas was never sold to the public, remaining a stunning tech demonstration.


The Man Who Can Duplicate Phones


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Boston Dynamics Retires Atlas Robot