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Boost Your Credit Score With One Prompt

NASA using AI to find UFOs and SoftBank is ready to invest billions into AI...

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AI can help boost your credit score by a whopping 100 points and you’re about to learn how in this email.

But first, let’s dig in today’s fascinating news!

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • NASA To Use AI To Study UFOs
  • SoftBank Ready To Invest Billions
  • 100-Point Credit Score Growth


NASA To Use AI To Study UFOs 👽

NASA has officially entered the UFO chat after decades of silence.

For the first time in their history, they’re using AI to take real concrete action about UFOs!

We all know that people have been spotting weird stuff in the sky for decades.

And there have been countless stories and conspiracy theories about what’s really going on up there.

But with NASA, the silence was deafening.

They’d occasionally shrug it off or leave it to other folks to investigate, like the military or UFO enthusiasts.

But guess what?

Now they’re finally stepping into the ring, and it’s all thanks to AI.

They’re going to use AI to comb through the massive amounts of satellite data, and radar data to look for what they call unexplained aerial phenomena.

Who knows what they might find with all this AI-powered searching.

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SoftBank Ready To Burn Tens Of Billions For AI 🔥

Screenshot of Stable Audio Dashboard

Exciting News: Japanese giant SoftBank, led by CEO Masayoshi Son, is about to make a bold and ambitious new venture:

Investing around $65 billion in AI firms!

Sources close to Masayoshi Son’s vision have shared that SoftBank isn’t just interested in investing in AI companies.

They’re also contemplating strategic partnerships.

OpenAI, known for ChatGPT, is a front-runner for such a partnership.

But SoftBank is keeping its options open, considering investments in OpenAI’s competitors too.

So, why should you care?

Because this means AI is taking center stage in the tech world, and your passion for AI is becoming more important than ever.

SoftBank’s big moves could lead to groundbreaking developments in AI, and you’ll be right there to witness it all.

The future of AI is looking brighter than ever, my friend!

Make Life Simple With AI

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Boost Your Credit Score With One Prompt