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Beehiiv Launches Their In-House Website Builder 🍭

Boston Dynamics' new robot, Spline's 3D generator, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Boston Dynamics’ Next-Gen Atlas Robot
  • Spline Generates 3D Objects With Text/Image
  • Beehiiv Launches Their In-House Website Builder
  • Logitech Wants You To Press Their AI Button

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Silicon Valley Getting Its’ Favorite Computer Store Back
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Want To Level Up Your ChatGPT Use?
Discover the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity with HubSpot’s free guide to using ChatGPT at work…


Boston Dynamics’ Next-Gen Atlas Robot

Just yesterday, we were telling you how the Atlas robot was on it’s way out, and today, Boston Dynamics has introduced a new fully electric Atlas robot — designed for real-world applications and improved performance.

Boston Dynamics is enhancing its software with the Orbit™ platform to manage robotics operations efficiently as well as hardware improvements.

This new version, developed in partnership with Hyundai, aims to demonstrate Atlas’ capabilities in practical settings like factories.

Spline Generates 3D Objects With AI

Spline’s 3D Generation V1 allows users to create 3D models from text and images effortlessly with no prior modeling experience required.

The platform is designed to facilitate quick ideation and integration, allow seamless embedding into websites, and build a personalized library of projects.

The service is available through subscription, with operations running cloud-based, ensuring accessibility on any device capable of running Spline.

Together with HubSpot:

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Beehiiv Launches Their Website Builder

Beehiiv has introduced a significant new feature with its latest update—the Website Builder.

The Website Builder is divided into three main tabs: Styles, Layouts, and Settings, each offering extensive customization options.

  • Users can select colors, fonts, and styles for various elements like posts, navigation, and buttons under the Styles tab.
  • The Layout tab offers more detailed customization, allowing the creation of custom pages and sections with features like dropdown menus and featured posts.
  • Settings consolidate all site-related configurations, including SEO, social media links, and security.

Creating a website has never been easier, and this customization process is already accessible to anyone on a paid plan.


Logitech Wants You To Press Their AI Button

Logitech has introducing an innovative addition to its peripheral devices: the Signature AI Edition M750 mouse — equipped with a dedicated AI button designed to launch the Logi AI Prompt Builder.

This new feature offers users preset “recipes” that facilitate interaction with AI applications, such as rephrasing text, summarizing content, or generating images, depending on the user’s subscription to services like ChatGPT Plus.

However, older models like the Logitech M557 are incompatible with the required Options Plus software, limiting the use of the AI button to newer devices.


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Beehiiv Launches Their In-House Website Builder