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Bard Isn’t Going To Be ‘Bard’ Anymore

Bard getting rebranded, AI's effect on our daily lives, and more...

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  • Bard Is Getting Rebranded
  • AI’s Effect On Our Daily Lives
  • 5 Trending AI-Powered Tools
  • Completely Not AI-Generated Images

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Bard Won’t Be “Bard” Anymore

A leaked changelog suggests Google is set to rebrand and revamp its AI tool Bard as Gemini.

Who doesn’t love a good rumor? Especially one from the future! Well, grab onto your tin foil hats and get ready to dig in.

Recently, a leaked changelog suggests that Google is getting ready to rebrand Bard to Gemini and launch a dedicated app from a document dated February 7th. 🤯

This news comes courtesy of Android app developer Dylan Roussel, who found the leaked document that hints at major changes in Google’s AI landscape.

The document suggests that Bard will be rebranding to Gemini, scheduled for February 7th, and it signifies a strategic alignment with the newer and more powerful Gemini AI.

And it makes sense – Google announced Gemini earlier this year, so it’s only a matter of time before they give Bard the “out with the old in with the new treatment.”

The doc also shared the news of:

  • Gemini Advanced Tier: On February 7th, Google is set to launch a premium subscription tier, ‘Gemini Advanced,’ leveraging the robust Ultra model for users seeking advanced AI capabilities.
  • Gemini Goes Mobile: Rolling out on select Pixel and Galaxy devices, Google’s Gemini introduces its first Android app, with plans for a global expansion in the near future.
  • Oh Canada: Canadians can now access Gemini on the web, marking a significant expansion, and an app for even more accessibility is on the horizon.

Grab your popcorn, we only need to wait one day to find out if this is true.

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How AI Is Quietly Changing Our Daily Lives

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world, extending its influence well beyond its initial perception as merely a digital tool for creation.

It’s seamlessly woven into the fabric of various sectors—hiring practices, workplace management, education, real estate, and healthcare—highlighting a spectrum of potential benefits alongside significant challenges.

In the realm of employment, AI-driven tools are revolutionizing traditional hiring and job screening processes.

In education, the idea of integrating AI into classrooms was met with resistance a year ago. Today, it’s become a cornerstone for studying, tutoring, and a myriad of educational activities.

Similarly, the real estate and healthcare sectors are experiencing AI’s transformative power. Whether it’s streamlining the homebuying journey or enhancing the accuracy of medical diagnostics.

Meanwhile, efforts by the Biden administration and federal agencies aim to address challenges in training bias, privacy protection, and ensuring transparency.


5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

Drift: A conversational marketing platform that uses AI to help you chat with potential customers and convert them into paying ones.

Amazon Connect: A cloud-based contact center platform that uses AI to automate tasks and provide real-time insights to agents.

Salesforce: A suite of AI-powered tools for sales teams, including lead scoring, opportunity forecasting, and customer segmentation.

Coefficient: Automatically transfer data between Google Sheets & Excel.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.


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Bard Isn't Going To Be 'Bard' Anymore