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Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Is A Flop

Sneak peak of Apple's new tech, Neuralink's first patient, and more...

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  • Apple Vision Pro Just Isn’t Good
  • Neuralink’s First Brain Chip Is Going Well
  • 5 Trending AI-Powered Tools
  • Characters Turned Skateboarding Pros


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Apple’s New VR Headset Is… Garbage

Apple’s Vision Pro landed with the promise of pioneering “spatial computing,” a futuristic blend of apps and reality overlaying our daily lives.

Despite its hefty $3,499 price tag, the device aimed to integrate seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, offering an experience that ranged from professional work applications to immersive movie watching.

Yet, beneath the surface of this technical marvel, a series of shortcomings began to emerge.

The Vision Pro, despite its advanced display and ambitious augmented reality (AR) capabilities, is facing criticism for a variety of reasons.

Its high cost was just the starting point.

Users found the video passthrough feature was less than perfect, with blurriness detracting from the experience. They also failed to innovate here with a true passthrough experience – you are just looking at a video feed of the world around you.

The hand and eye tracking, though a step forward in technology, suffered from inconsistency, leading to frustration. Hands always need to be in view, and you have to look directly at things to select them.

Furthermore, the creation of digital personas, while a novel idea, was unsettling for some, adding a layer of eeriness to interactions.

Beyond the technical hiccups, the Vision Pro introduced philosophical dilemmas. Its design choices, like the external battery pack, meant less weight on your head but all the weight resting on the front of your face.

Are the trade offs worth it?

The inconvenience of a bulky device, the barrier it created to the outside world, and the isolation felt within the digital space it conjured.

Not really.

The Apple Vision Pro aimed to revolutionize, but instead it was overhyped in the marketing campaigns – we recommend you hard pass on this device unless you have $4,000 to burn.

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Are You Getting The Brain Chip?

Elon Musk continues to do Elon Musk things, this time successfully implanting a neurolink brain chip into the first human patient. This, aside from making me think of Robocop, is a monumental step towards direct brain-computer interaction.

Neuralink has the potential to change medicine, communication, and even our understanding of ourselves.

In short, it’s a big-f*cking-deal.

The patient, who remains anonymous, underwent surgery implanting a “Link” – a coin-sized device – in a brain region controlling movement intention.

Initial results show promising neuron activity detection, paving the way for future applications like thought-controlled devices and therapeutic interventions for paralysis and neurological disorders… and that’s just the beginning.

Imagine controlling your phone, computer, or even prosthetic limbs simply by thinking about it.

Neuralink’s technology holds the key to seamless human-machine communication, empowering individuals with disabilities and potentially enhancing human capabilities beyond our current imagination.

While Neuralink is a ways away from commercial use, this is a breakthrough day in the world of science. Don’t be surprised if it gets paired with an LLM to essentially make users… limitless.


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Apple's Vision Pro Headset Is A Flop