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Apple’s Empire Beginning To Crumble 🍭

ChatGPT memory available for all, Cybertruck's new offroad modes, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Yelp Launches Their Own AI Assistant
  • Apple’s Empire Is Starting To Crumble
  • Cybertruck Gets More Off-Road Controls
  • X Is Challenging Zoom & Google Meet

Fast Snacks 🥡

OpenAI Makes ChatGPT History Available For All
OpenAI says all free subscribers can access the memory feature to pick up on chats where they left off whether they’re training the AI or not…

Paramount Plus Now Has Over 71 Million Subs
In addition to announcing CEO Bob Bakish’s departure, Paramount said its streaming service added 3.7M subs in the first quarter of 2024…

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Yelp Launches New AI Assistant

Yelp is launching a new AI assistant called… wait for it… Yelp Assistant.

Instead of typing keywords, you can chat with Yelp Assistant in the chat interface and tell it your woes, from a leaky faucet to a neglected lawn.

The AI will then use Yelp’s vast collection of business info to find you the perfect plumber or landscaper by pulling Yelp’s data (including ratings and reviews) to recommend relevant professionals.

Yelp is also releasing a Yelp Fusion AI API for businesses – allowing other platforms to integrate Yelp Assistant’s conversational search experience.


Apple’s Empire Is Beginning To Crumble

Apple’s once unassailable position in the smartphone market is showing signs of vulnerability as the device becomes more of a common commodity than a coveted gadget.

The decline is not just a challenge for Apple but signals a shift in perception of smartphones in general. And it doesn’t stop there either — the response to the Apple Vision Pro and the lackluster projections signal a deeper issue.

Not long ago, I was in an ATT store and asked an employee what he thought of the latest iPhone. His response: “Ehhh, it’s a phone.”

Apple, known for its tightly integrated ecosystem, might need to rethink its strategy if they want to stay on top.

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Tesla Cybertruck Gets More Off-Road Controls

Tesla has rolled out a significant software update for its Cybertruck, introducing new traction modes, locking differential abilities, and a “tent mode” for camping.

  • Overland Mode: Improved handling on various surfaces, such as rock and sand
  • Baja Mode: Offers a freer driving experience.
  • Wade Mode: For navigating deep water [although it’s not covered under warranty].
  • CyberTent Mode: Designed to work with Tesla’s Basecamp tent accessory, optimizes the truck for camping by leveling the vehicle, maintaining power to outlets, and running air conditioning.

Twitter Is Going In All Directions

X is set to enter the video conferencing market with a new feature called X Conferences, aiming to rival services like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

This addition will build on the platform’s existing live audio service, X Spaces, which introduced video capabilities earlier this year.

The development was hinted at through screenshots shared by prominent X users, revealing the interface of the beta version of X Conferences.

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Apple's Empire Beginning To Crumble