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Apple Wants Cameras In Your Ears

Apple's wearable devices, FigureAI's new funding, and more...

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  • Apple’s Ideas For Wearable AI Devices
  • Jeff Bezos Invests In FigureAI
  • 5 Trending AI-Powered Tools
  • More Weird AI Images For You


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Google’s Latest Android Updates Brings AI Boost
Messages, maps, and images upgrades are going into open beta – allowing you to access Gemini directly from Google Messages…

AI Chip Startup DeepX Nears $90M In Funding
DeepX, a semiconductor startup in Korea, is close to raising 120 billion won in a funding round to accelerate production and bankroll global expansion…

Deepgram: Audio Intelligence (partner)
Developers transcribe millions of audio minutes each day with Deepgram’s speech-to-text. Get fast, accurate, and scalable transcription with an API call…


Apple’s Ideas Included Cameras In Your Ears

In a recent disclosure through Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman unveils Apple’s exploration into two groundbreaking wearable technologies: AI-powered smart glasses and AirPods equipped with cameras.

The envisioned smart glasses aim to extend the functionality of AirPods by incorporating more sensors, artificial intelligence features, and enhanced battery life.

Unlike the Vision Pro, which represents Apple’s high-end aspirations in augmented reality (AR), these glasses are targeted as a more accessible option. They’re expected to offer functionalities akin to Meta’s Ray-Bans, including a camera and an AI assistant, but without an actual display.

Simultaneously, Apple’s move into integrating cameras into AirPods—codenamed B798—hopes to fuse visual capabilities with auditory experiences in a compact form factor.

These camera-equipped AirPods will retain the size of their current models, and will leverage low-resolution cameras alongside AI to offer novel user interactions, like:

  • Enhanced Spatial Awareness
  • Better Gesture Controls
  • Improved Augmented Reality Experiences

The idea of embedding cameras in AirPods, while unconventional, indicates a willingness to challenge the norm and envision a future where wearables extend beyond mere text notifications and step tracking.

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Figure AI Secures Funding [Again]

Figure AI just snagged a cool $675 million from bigwigs like Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, and Nvidia to develop, you guessed it, human-like robots.

And if you’ve been reading The Daily Bite, this shouldn’t be shocking because Figure AI can’t stay out of the news – they already have a partnership with BMW.

And when three of the biggest companies team up and get behind one thing, it’s officially time to wake up and pay attention.

Figure AI is one of the most interesting companies alive and is bound to change the way how companies do business. We’re talking next-level machines designed to tackle everything from dangerous jobs to, you know, hopefully making your bed.

The thing you can do today? Pay attention.

This company is on my shortlist for companies to watch because if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, they will change the world.

And with the giant pile of cash they secured, the robots are coming much faster than we thought.


5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

Interior AI: An advanced platform that redesigns your home interior in seconds.

Rex Nutribot: A Whatsapp tool for tracking calories, workouts, and meals.

Drawww: A real-time AI drawing tool optimized for iPad.

Deepgram: Extract vital insights from conversational audio at scale with Deepgram’s AI-powered audio intelligence.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.


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Apple Wants Cameras In Your Ears