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Amazon’s AI Shop Coming To An End 🍭

Apple's AI model, DALL-E inside ChatGPT, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Amazon Shifts Away From Just Walk Out
  • DALL-E Lets You Edit Images In ChatGPT
  • Apple To Make Siri Faster & Smarter
  • Pixel Devices Now Have Circle To Search


Fast Snacks 🥡

Read AI Raises $21M From Goodwater & Madrona
Read’s new email and messaging recaps, dubbed “Readouts,” will be available as a free service — the reports work with Gmail, Outlook, Teams, and Slack messages…

The Matrix Is Coming Back For A 5th Movie
Warner Bros. Discovery is ready to make another one with writer/director Drew Goddard even thought the last Matrix movie was basically a warning about corps sucking the life out of iconic pieces…

The AI-Powered Voice Agent From Tenyx (partner)
A complete and authentic AI agent that delivers a frustration-free customer experience: Tenyx increases conversions, resolves inquiries, and qualifies leads with the most intuitive flow for your customers…


Amazon Lays Off Hundreds From AWS Team

Amazon is shifting away from its Just Walk Out technology, initially hailed for its promise of a checkout-free shopping experience in its larger grocery stores.

Reports have surfaced that the system relied significantly on manual monitoring by remote workers in India, rather than solely on AI and technology as previously believed.

In response to these revelations and operational challenges, Amazon is now adopting “Dash Carts,” a method that allows customers to scan their items as they shop, enabling them to skip the checkout line while also providing a real-time view of their spending.

As Amazon phases out Just Walk Out from its larger stores, maintaining it only in smaller formats and UK groceries, the transition to Dash Carts is seen as a move towards simplifying and enhancing the customer shopping experience.


DALL-E Now Lets You Edit Images In ChatGPT

OpenAI has updated DALL-E, integrating it within ChatGPT for seamless image editing and introducing preset style prompts for creative inspiration.

Simplifying the user experience, allowing for direct tweaks and style exploration within the chat interface.

Additionally, new watermarks and metadata aim to ensure authenticity.

Together with EyePop:

Self-Service Computer Vision

A self-service AI platform enabling users to effortlessly create applications and perform detailed analytics with computer vision technology.

Our platform stands at the forefront of democratizing computer vision, ensuring that its potential to revolutionize industries, assist differently-abled individuals, and transform mundane tasks is available to everyone.

User-Friendly Interface: App creation for all skill levels. No calls or fees to start;

🔥 Advanced Analytics: Offers in-depth insights on your images and video;

👉 REST API or Low Code: Easily Integratable AI results.

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Apple To Make Siri Faster & Smarter

Apple has unveiled ReALM, a new AI model set to turbocharge Siri by enhancing its speed and intelligence.

This compact model, primed for integration in the upcoming iOS 18, is designed to operate directly on smartphones, aiding Siri in understanding context and resolving ambiguous references more effectively.

Apple boasts that ReALM can match the performance of larger models like GPT-4 on key metrics, potentially making Siri more conversational and context-aware.


Pixel Fold Now Has Circle To Search

The Pixel Fold now has a feature that lets people draw a circle, tap, or scribble on their screen to search for anything. It was first available on the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Samsung’s Galaxy S24.

And in teeny tiny script underneath its promo photo, Google said Circle to Search will be available on the Pixel Tablet soon.

Partner Tool Of The Day

Brave: Search API Plans At An Affordable Price

Brave is one of only a few global, independent search providers, and it’s the fastest growing search engine since Bing.

The Brave Search API brings an easy, consistent data structure, and full access to the entire index.

Get access to high-quality data that’s actually usable. Build everything from search engines to AI apps. As the default engine in the Brave browser, Brave Search is consistently refreshed with new data via its Web Discovery Project contribution framework.

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Amazon's AI Shop Coming To An End