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AI Text-To-Music Has Arrived 🤯

Why Japan is building their own AI model and how Stable Audio can generate original sound from text...

Good Monday Morning!

Today, we’re learning about Japan’s upcoming AI model, and crafting original audio from text.

Grab your coffee and let’s get started…

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Japan Is Building Its Own ‘ChatGPT’: But Why?
  • Text-To-Music Models Are Here: Stable Audio Launch
  • Generate Prompts To Make Music: Audio Revolution

Why Japan Is Building Its Own Version Of ChatGPT 🇯🇵

Fugaku, the Japanese supercomputer in charge of digesting Japanese texts.

According to Keisuke Sakaguchi, an expert from Tohoku University, while ChatGPT excels in English, its Japanese performance is hindered by complex alphabets, limited data, and other nuances.

The underlying challenge?

English revolves around 26 letters. In contrast, Japanese boasts two sets of 48 characters, coupled with over 2,000 regularly used kanji characters. And ChatGPT sometimes… fumbles.

Big players like NEC, Fujitsu, and SoftBank are pouring massive resources, amounting to hundreds of millions, into developing AI systems tailored for the Japanese language, not just mere translations of the English counterpart.

Because it’s not just about language. It’s about culture.

When asked to draft a job application in Japanese, ChatGPT might miss out on those intricate expressions of politeness so inherent to the Japanese ethos. Such oversights highlight the gaps in ChatGPT’s understanding of cultural subtleties.

Using Fugaku, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, a significant project is underway. Aimed at launching next year, this LLM, backed by luminaries like the Tokyo Institute of Technology, promises to be a game-changer, sharing its open-source code with all.

Japan’s journey in the AI realm is just getting started, and the world watches with bated breath.

Together With Masterworks:

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Turn Your Text Prompts Into The Audio You Want 🎧

Screenshot of Stable Audio Dashboard

Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, introduced new audio generation tech last week converts text prompts to original audio.

Yup, text-to-music is here.

Unlike models that mimic specific artist styles, Stable Audio doesn’t replicate iconic bands – it gives you creative freedom rather than boxing you in.

How does the technology work?

Traditional audio tracks generation used ‘symbolic generation’ methods, primarily involving MIDI files.

By interacting directly with raw audio samples, Stable Audio allows for the creation of entirely new music, moving away from the repetitive notes of MIDI.

Its model is trained on over 800,000 licensed music pieces from the AudioSparks library, ensuring a comprehensive dataset and high performance.

How much does it cost? .

  • Free version / 20 generations per month of up to 45 second tracks.
  • Pro plan / $12/mo, 500 generations per month up to 90 second tracks.
  • Enterprise plan / Unspecific amount & generations.

You can hear a sample track in this tweet:

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will generate quality text-to-music prompts from your suggested inputs.

You’ve probably used ChatGPT and Midjourney more than you’d like to admit, and the introduction of text-to-audio likely won’t be any different.

Turning every imaginative thought into tangible sound.

From cars honking during traffic to a Halo-themed guitar solo, you’ll be able to generate it all.

However, learning the proper audio terminology won’t come overnight, so we’ve made a text-to-music prompt generator just for you:

Click the prompt above, input the game, movie, or band you’d like to mimic, and ChatGPT will provide you with a prompt to get the song done.

Try it out: Text-To-Music Prompt Generator

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AI Text-To-Music Has Arrived