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AI-Powered Side Hustles That Generate REAL Cash 🤑

Learn one new to generate money online with each email...

Halfway To The Weekend

Today, we’re launching our AI-powered side hustle series – delivering one badass way to earn money online with each email [and they actually work].

You won’t want to miss this!

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • AI-Powered Side Hustle: Methods To Earn Money Online
  • Build Your Breakthrough AI Business: Low-Code Launch
  • Midjourney Stock Image Generator: Create Prompts Fast

AI-Powered Side Hustle Series: Day One 💰

As of today, there’s nearly a bajillion pieces of content that will teach you ‘how to make money with AI.’

YouTubers proclaiming you’ll make $500/day or course creators selling you a six-figure strategy that may net you a solid $5 after weeks of work.

It’s all pretty ridiculous…

Rather than sharing another slew untested ideas, we are presenting one method, per newsletter, that have been tested & proven by our team.

Our weekly earnings from Adobe Stock assets.

#1: Stock Images on Adobe

If your generative AI images are good enough [and you have licensing rights], you can sell them on stock platforms like Adobe or Freepik.

This method was all the rage in the beginning of 2023, but the hype around it died down while the earning potential is around the same.

Adobe’s review process may take some time, but their minimum payout is 33¢ per download – beating nearly every other stock image platform on the web.

Daily Bite Tip
People will always need the right image for their content, but learning prompting or paying for an AI subscription might not be in the deck of cards.

Our team has generated around $30 per week for the last 8 months, and hasn’t submitted any new assets for the last 6 months.

This is one of those true sources of “passive income” that stays consistent after a month or two of steady work. Potentially even less if you can tap into an underserviced niche.

What were our team’s top earning images?

  1. Fish Jumping Out Of Water [$47]
  2. UFO Abduction At Night [$35]
  3. Underwater In The Ocean [$20]
  4. Lemonade With Gradient Background [$15]
  5. American Flag Waving With Fireworks [$14]

P.S. If you want to see the images above, check the bottom of this email.

Imagine jumping on Midjourney, generating a few pictures, submitting them to Adobe, and earning more than enough to pay for your AI subscriptions every month.

That’s a side hustle we can support.

What are the pros?

  • Easy to start generating images with Midjourney.
  • Uploading assets is simple and you can submit in bulk.
  • Each download puts money in your pocket.

What are the cons?

  • You need to follow their AI guidelines or assets won’t get approved.
  • Approval times can vary between a few days up to a month [some users reported a 3 month wait time back in January].
  • Bigger catalogs perform better, so you need to build up a portfolio to see steady returns.
  • Images generated by Midjourney have smaller dimension than what’s required, so you may have to up upscale with a third-party tool [we used Gigapixel].

You can read more about this side hustle opportunity here:

Together With You

This Could Be You 🍭‍

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Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will provide you with ready-to-use stock image prompts for generative AI art platforms like Midjourney.

Jumping into the AI stock image game can be overwhelming. What do you generate images of? What style should they be? What’s the best prompt for the best image?

Forget about all of that because the Ultimate Stock Image Generator will turn any idea or keyword into high-quality prompts.

It’s exactly what you need to begin creating assets for Adobe.

Start by clicking on the Ultimate Stock Image Generator prompt above, and enter your main idea and the style you’d like your pictures to be in [realistic, cartoon, painting, etc].

Then, watch as ChatGPT serves up a list of ready-to-go Midjourney prompts with the latest model and proper aspect ratio.

Stop spending all your time typing, and spend more time generating valuable images – your fingers and your wallet will thank you.

Try it out now: Ultimate Stock Image Generator


Today’s Fast Snacks 🥡

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Our Highest Earning Images 💰

You can click on any of the images below to see what keywords we targeted in our title, and to get a better idea of what performs well on Adobe.

Fish Jumping Out Of Water [$47]

UFO Abduction At Night [$35]

Underwater In The Ocean [$20]

Lemonade With Gradient Background [$15]

American Flag Waving With Fireworks [$14]


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AI-Powered Side Hustles That Generate REAL Cash