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A Gadget James Bond Would Wear

An AI that fits on your shirt, a new shopping assistant, and memes that will make you laugh...

AI + Lasers = Cure Smartphone Addiction?

In this email, we’re talking about the new screenless device that will replace your phone, Airbnb’s latest AI tools to make bookings smarter, and funny AI memes that will 110% make you laugh.

As always, keep reading to discover the good stuff…

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Meet the Invisible & Wearable AI Smartphone
  • How To Navigate A Store You’ve Never Visited
  • A Prompt to Increase Your Website Conversions
  • 5 New AI Tools That Are Actually Useful
  • The New Age In Art With AI
  • AI Memes That Will Make You LOL

Fast Snacks 🥡

ChatGPT Goes Down
OpenAI has confirmed that a DDoS attack is behind “periodic outages” affecting ChatGPT and its developer tools…

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Nvidia’s Seeking a Way Around the Ban
Nvidia develops AI chips for China in latest bid to avoid US restrictions…


Wearable Smartphone: Humane’s AI Pin

You may have heard rumors of Humane’s latest invention.

Now it’s becoming clear – they’re true!

Humane is set to reveal the AI Pin, and it looks like it will be quite the conversation starter.

This little device promises to bring some of the smarts of a smartphone right to your clothing, without the need for a screen.

The AI Pin is a small wearable device.

You can clip it on, swap its batteries when needed, and it even projects info onto your hand with a green laser.

It’s designed to respond to your voice and gestures (thanks to some clever AI from OpenAI and Microsoft).

Plus, it’s discreet and subtle – it has a light that shows when it’s recording, so you always know what it’s up to.

So, what’s so special about this AI Pin?

The Pin provides hands-free help and keeps your attention on the world around you.

Your eyes don’t need to be glued to a screen to interact with it.

It’s built to be voice-activated and simple to use – with a focus on respecting your personal space.

The AI Pin is set to be priced at $699 and it will be rolling out on November 16th.

You’ll also have to pay $24 every month to use it. This subscription gives you a cell service via T-Mobile, space to store your photos and videos, and unlimited AI interactions to help manage your daily tasks.

It’s exciting to think about how this device could fit into our lives.

Soon, we could be getting the benefits of smart technology with even more convenience and less intrusion!

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AI Won’t Take Your Job. Someone Using AI Will 🧠

Will a robot be sitting at your desk tomorrow?

Probably not. But the person competing for your next job will probably know the concepts behind AI, and how to put them to work.

Luckily, Brilliant offers thousands of quick, interactive lessons in AI, data science, and more.

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A New Shopping Assistant You Can’t Live Without 🛒

There’s a startup called Hyper that’s combining AR and machine learning to revolutionize your shopping experience.

You know how sometimes you get lost in a large department or grocery store, trying to find that one specific thing you came for?

That’s where Hyper AR comes in.

They have developed a simple solution to help you navigate your way in large stores.

Think of it as having a personal guide in your pocket that tells you where to go with a quick glance at your phone.

Hyper AR brings you easy-to-follow maps that turn confusing store layouts into a clear path right to what you need.

And with their smart location tech, you can forget about wandering back and forth.

You get directions straight to the spot, down to the last meter – no extra gadgets needed.

Think about walking into a home improvement store and your phone shows you the quickest route to the paint section.

Or you’re in a supermarket, and it leads you right to the baking aisle for that last-minute ingredient you need for your recipe.

Hyper’s AR navigation is all about saving you time and hassle.

What makes Hyper cool is that it’s not just for finding your way.

It also helps stores understand what you’re looking for, so they can point you to deals and finds you might like.

It’s a win-win: a smoother shopping trip for you and a chance for stores to show off their best stuff.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help you craft persuasive product/ service descriptions.

Do you have something awesome to share online, whether it’s a cool product, a nifty service, or a game-changing idea?

But you’re stumped on how to describe it in a way that gets people excited?

This prompt is for you:

Why You Should Use It:

Uses AIDA Formula: which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, is a time-tested marketing framework that has helped businesses win over customers for decades.

Time-Saving: Say goodbye to hours spent agonizing over how to make your offer shine.

Easy to Use: Simply enter what you sell and what you want you need to write.

So if you want to generate descriptions that will effectively capture your readers’ attention, generate interest, spark desire, and inspire them to take action …

Try out: The AIDA Formula


5 AI Tools That Are Actually Useful

Recast: Turn your read-later list into bite-size audio summaries with AI.

Quivr: Your second brain in the cloud, designed to easily store and retrieve unstructured information.

Backtrack 2.0: Record any meeting backward and generate AI notes. Privately save anything you’ve seen, said, or heard in the past and turn it into AI notes or summaries.

Gling AI: Automatically identify and eliminate silences and unwanted takes from your videos.

DreamyRooms: Effortlessly redesign any room by applying various design themes to uploaded pictures.


The New Age In Art With AI 🎭


This new AI-generated Homer tune is absolutely mind-blowing!


AI Memes That Will Make You LOL 💀


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A Gadget James Bond Would Wear