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5th Round Of Peloton Layoffs 🍭

Small publishers struggle, Peloton employees fired, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Microsoft’s Massive Energy Agreement
  • Peloton’s CEO Quits & Layoffs Coming
  • Independent Publishers Buried By Google
  • Apple Tablets Sales Down — Again


Fast Snacks 🥡

Google Paid Apple $20B To Be Safari’s Search Engine
According to court documents filed ahead of closing arguments in the DoJ’s antitrust case against Google, Google reportedly paid Apple $18B in 2021 and then $20B in 2022 — a whopping 17.5% of Apple’s operating income…

Krispy Kreme Rises Through The App Store Ranks
Krispy Kreme is currently the most popular free iPhone app, above Google & TikTok, and it’s not a fluke. KK is running a dozen deals every day until May 11, and iOS users really love their donuts…

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Microsoft’s Massive Renewable Energy Agreement

Microsoft has secured the largest corporate renewable energy agreement to date, committing to develop 10.5 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity worldwide.

This investment is aimed at powering its AI developments and achieving its climate goals, including becoming carbon negative by 2030.

The energy from these projects, set to be operational between 2026 and 2030, will help prevent a rise in Microsoft’s greenhouse gas emissions despite the increased energy consumption of its AI data centers.


Peloton Layoffs Incoming As CEO Quits

Peloton announced another significant layoff, cutting 15% of its workforce as CEO Barry McCarthy steps down.

This marks the fifth round of layoffs since its peak in 2021, when Peloton boasted 8,600 employees, compared to the current count of about 3,000. McCarthy’s departure follows his tenure of over two years, during which he initially promised no more layoffs.

The latest workforce reduction is part of a broader plan to slash annual expenses by over $200 million and stabilize the company financially as it looks to refinance its debt.

Interim co-CEOs Karen Boone and Chris Bruzzo will lead until a permanent replacement is appointed.

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Independent Sites Getting Buried By Google

HouseFresh, an air purifier review site, has reported a significant decline in its visibility on Google search results, attributing the drop to the dominance of larger media companies.

And in a recent follow-up to their February report, HouseFresh detailed how their search traffic plummeted by 91% since October 2023, from around 4,000 daily visitors to just 200.

They argue that meticulously updated and tested content is being overshadowed by less detailed, SEO-driven content from bigger publishers, who are trying to cash in on some Amazon Affiliate links rather than share any genuine knowledge.


Apple Tablet Sales Are Down — As Expected

Apple’s Q2 2024 earnings indicate a pressing need for refreshing its iPad lineup, with revenue from the tablet sector down by 17% year-over-year.

This comes just as Apple prepares for an upcoming event where new iPad models are expected to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, the company’s services sector continued to excel, increasing by 14% compared to the same quarter last year, even as iPhone sales saw a slight decline.

The upcoming WWDC conference in June is anticipated to introduce significant AI enhancements across Apple’s software platforms, potentially in collaboration with Google and OpenAI, emphasizing privacy and on-device processing.

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5th Round Of Peloton Layoffs