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Stupid Simple: Don’t Build for Users

It Could Save Your Startup

Today Im sharing something pivotal from our journey. This email is specifically made for anyone looking to build a startup, or someone with a vision to bring a product to life.

While we’re passionate about building products for everyone, a big shift happened early in the Snack Prompt days and it changed everything.

We initially focused on building Snack Prompt for users and quickly realized that we were doing it wrong. If we were going to stand a chance of succeeding, we needed to build for businesses first. Without this, few startups stand a chance of surviving.

The Untapped Potential of Business-First Approach

At first glance, companies like Amazon and Facebook appear to be serving the masses, but a closer look reveals their success is deeply rooted in serving businesses.

Sure, it may seem their money comes from everyday customers. But dig a little deeper. Amazons core e-commerce thrives because businesses pay Amazon to sell products, offering a seemingly “free” service (low prices, fast shipping) to consumers. In reality, businesses are the ones covering the costs, often making services more affordable for customers.

Going even deeper, the real key to their success is Amazon Web Services (AWS) a service used by countless businesses.

Many successful startups follow a similar path. They create solutions for businesses that ultimately benefit the end consumer like Facebook’s free social media platform that captures user attention to sell advertising to businesses. At the core, the strategy is how will businesses benefit and pay for this.

Snack Prompt’s Ultimate Plan: A Focus on Employees

This insight has significantly influenced our direction at Snack Prompt. While we’ve built a prompt discovery tool beloved by many, our vision extends further: to revolutionize work environments with our technology.

We’re on the verge of launching a product designed to transform how workforces interact with technology, aiming to save at least 25 hours per employee per month and enhance the use of LLMs and AI by up to 30%.

If you’re a business owner with a team of 5 or more, I want to connect with you. Our upcoming enterprise product could be a game-changer for your team, and I’m eager to get it into your hands for early feedback. Respond to this email, or email me directly at

Empowering the Next Billion Users

By helping businesses, we’re laying the groundwork for Snack Prompt to become a cornerstone technology that empowers everyone. This aligns perfectly with our mission: onboarding the next billion users, especially employees, to the world of AI.

A Message to Builders

This journey has underscored a vital lesson: focusing on serving companies sets a foundation for significant success. As builders, consider the potential of enterprise solutions. It could be the strategy that elevates your idea to a global scale.

Im looking forward to hearing from those prepared to embark on this journey. Together, let’s create something truly transformative.

Eder Teixeira Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt

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