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Stupid Simple: Before the course world ends… here’s what I promised

Unveiling Something Special for Your AI Journey!


Last week, I dropped a bombshell: the E-Learning and Course industry is on its last legs… And then, seemingly contradicting myself, I unveiled the culmination of months of hard work with my team: a series of courses designed to guide anyone from AI novice to seasoned pro, focusing on monetizing ChatGPT and integrating it into any business. Was my initial statement just clickbait? Far from it.

I stand by every word. The traditional course market might be dwindling, but the demand for AI-focused education is about to explode. Most are only tapping into 1% of AI’s vast potential

But not us. We’re here to harness the full power of AI.

If you’re reading this, you’re in the perfect position to become a leader in what I call the validation economy, where Automated Workflows, or Premium AI Prompt Packs, become the most valuable digital products.

These courses, born from analyzing 30 million interactions and the behavior of 1.3 million AI users on our platform, are unparalleled.

They’re crafted to ensure you’re not left behind in the AI revolution currently taking place.

Introducing the Courses That Will Change the Game:

ChatGPT Mastery for Beginners: Think of this as your fun, friendly guide into the world of AI. No jargon, just clear steps to make you a ChatGPT expert.

ChatGPT Cashflow Blueprint: Discover AI-driven strategies for entrepreneurs that have been proven to work and make real income $.

How to Integrate Your Business with AI: Navigate the integration of AI into your operations, paving the way for innovation and a competitive edge.

These aren’t just courses; they’re your bridge to mastering AI, promising to boost your productivity by at least 50%. There’s truly nothing like them out there, poised to not only enhance your productivity but to revolutionize the way you learn and work.

Special Launch Offer – For a Limited Time Only

I want everyone here to seize this opportunity, to make sure there are no excuses not to dive in. That’s why I’m offering these courses at the lowest price they’ll ever be. Soon the price will go up. This is your chance to invest in your future, to ensure you’re equipped to lead in the AI-driven world.

So let’s lead the charge in the validation economy together.

There’s never been anything like this before. And there may never be again.

To your future,

Eder Teixeira Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt

PS. I have another gift for you below!

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As promised, heres this weeks gift!

A Professional Guide to Creating AI Prompts. It’s our secret recipe for making every prompt you craft stand outwhether for fun or work.

Why? Because we’ve been in the trenches, and now we want to make it super simple for you. This guide is our way of giving back, ensuring you’ve got the best tools at your fingertips.

Dive in here and amp up your prompt game. Let’s see what prompts you create!

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